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We have listed numerous references below for your convenience, to support your research.  We encourage all potential members to do in-depth research prior to pursuing membership.  We have found this benefits the new member in making well-informed decisions.


Martinez de Pasqually

  • Treatise on the Reintegration of Beings

Louis Claude de St. Martin

  • Ten Prayers
  • The Red Book
  • Of Errors and Truth
  • Man, His True Nature & Ministry
  • Aphorisms and Maxims
  • The Spiritual Ministry of Man
  • Theosophic Correspondence Natural Table of the Correspondences between God, Man and the Universe

Jakob Böhme

  • De Tribus Principiis (The Three Principles of the Divine Essence)
  • The Threefold Life of Man
  • The Great Six Point
  • Of the Earthly and of the Heavenly Mystery
  • Answers to Forty Questions Concerning the Soul
  • The Treatise of the Incarnations:

I. Of the Incarnation of Jesus Christ
II. Of the Suffering, Dying, Death and Resurrection of Christ
III. Of the Tree of Faith

Robert Ambelain

  • Spiritual Alchemy
  • Martinism – History and Doctrine
  • Contemporary Martinism and its true origins
  • Templars & Rose Croix

Constant Chevillon

  • Prayer

Thomas à Kempis

  • The Imitation of Christ

Gerard Encausse (Papus)

  • The Way of the Heart
  • The Martinist Order