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Le Collège S.’.I’.’

Le Collège des Superieurs Inconnus (C.·.S.·.I·.·) is a roundtable amidst the O.·.M.·.S.·. composed of those who have attained the Grade of Superieur Inconnu (S.·.I·.·).

Attainment of the S.·.I·.· brings immediate membership in the College, as does adoption into the O.·.M·.·S.·. as a recognized S.·.I·.·  The C.·.S.·.I·.·’s sole purpose is to research and perpetuate the Royal Secret as it has been transmitted through the various traditions of Martinism.  This is done through study of the various manifestations of the Martinist Order, their initiations, and curricula.

The G.·.C.·.S.·.I·.· may also grant initiation to the individual grades and access to the curriculum of the Élus Coëns and C.B.C.S. to C.·.S.·.I·.· members for the purpose of investigating, researching, compiling, editing and reconstructing the Work of Martinism.  Through the C.·.S.·.I·.·, the O.·.M.·.S.·. hopes to renew the Light of Martinism and pass the torch to future Light Bearers.

Initiations and work in the C.·.S.·.I·.· are meant to be especially helpful in assisting S.·.I·.· adopted from other orders in realizing the Royal Secret through the Wet Path.  The C.·.S.·.I·.· holds no authority over O.·.M.·.S.·. Temples or Members, but rather, is a roundtable on which S.·.I·.· of the Ordre meet, work, and raise each other in knowledge and understanding of the One Mystery.